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Why do the media always get it so completely wrong.  It's not Hackers that are a threat, it is Crackers.  Crackers break in to other people's/corporations/governments computer systems, whilst Hackers REVERSE ENGINEER TECHNOLOGY to understand how it is put together, so that the can improve on it or modify it.  That is nothing even remotely like criminal behaviour nor criminal intent.  This kind of incorrect "branding" by the mass media flows completely unchecked and out of control and after 30 years of it pissing me off they're still perpetrating the same damn lie they were selling back in the 80s....trying to make out that Hackers = Bad.  CRACKERS = Bad, Hackers = Benign.....we're out to understand, invade other's privacy and break in to other people's stuff.

Nice to see the Australian Government making some kind of attempt at dealing with CyberCrime though.....so long as they catch the right people and don't just munt it up like they do most things.